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Southwater Royals FC Girls Recruitment "NOW OPEN"

The 2019/20 season has been a fantastic one for all our Girls teams, right across all of our age groups.

Our U12 and U13 Girls held there own against some very good competition in there first season playing in the Premier Division, whilst our U11 and new U10 teams stood out amongst the crowd with some absolutely brilliant results.

Moving forward in preperation for the new season starting in September, we are now recruiting experienced players for our competitive U13 and U14 teams, who will be in Yr7 and Yr8 as of September 2020.

We are looking also looking to find some new players to join our U11 (Yr5 in Sept) and U12 (Yr6 in Sept) teams.

This year we are delighted to announce the launch of 2 more teams. A brand new U9 (Yr3) and U10 (Yr4) will join our exciting and determined group of players, for some fun, to meet new friends and enjoy an introduction to football with our FA Qualified Coaching Staff. If you are, or you have a friend, relative who may be interested then please get in touch.

And don't have to wait until September, contact us today to find out more, remember you will need to be in the appropriate year from September onward, but can join us today!

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