Senior Committee Members

Andy New Chairman

Stu Bussley Club Secretary

Matthew Tyerman Treasurer

Kimberley Showell Child Welfare Officer

Simon Hulcoop Girl Teams Secretary

Jodie Brown Senior Teams Secretary

Management Committee Members

Andy New U6 Development Mixed Team Manager

Jon Shaw and Andy Simon U7 Pre League Mixed Team Manager

Paul Showell U8 Mixed Team Manager

Chris Edwards and Iain Macnab U9 Mixed Team Manager

Craig Carey U9 Mixed (Red) Team Manager

Martin Swabey U10 Mixed Team Manager

Matt Camp U10 Girls Team Manager

Gary O'Brien U11 Girls Team Manager

Craig Burrows U11 Boys Team Manager

Simon Hulcoop U12 Girls Team Manager and Wildcats Centre Head Coach

Ian Howe U13 Boys Team Manager

Wayne Symonds U13 Girls Team Manager

Simon Rumble and Lloyd Hatton U14 Boys Team Manager

Paul Showell U14 Girls Team Manager

Andy New U15 Boys (Blue) Team Manager

Lee Barber U15 Boys (Yellow) Team Manager

Fraser Sharman-Patch U17 Pathway Development Team Manager

Darren Young Senior Reserves Team Manager

Gary Brown Senior First Team Manager

Abbie Burrows Venue Bookings Coordinator  |  Claire Wilders  Player Registrations Officer

Coaching Team

Jason Allen First Team and U13 Boys|

Andy Taylor and Mark Newcombe U17 Pathway Development

Mike Cox and Lewis Wood U15 Blue and Yellow Teams

Ross Sudder and James Ramage U14 Boys

Leighton Webb U13 Boys

Matt Mclenahan and Kyle Thorne U11 Boys

Chris JonesMichael Martin and Colin Millard U10 Mixed

Craig CareyPaul HannaDavid Messenger and Colin Nicholson U9 Mixed

Carly Farell and Ben Clark U8 Mixed

Miles Sturt and Paul Scott U14 Girls

 Iain Macnab U12 Girls

 Darren Ackroyd U11 Girls

Teams Support Group

 Yvonne New U15 Boys & U7 Pre League Team Rep | Anita Rumble U14 Boys Team Rep | Natalie Howe U13 Boys Team Rep

Tamsin Macnab U12 Girls Team Rep | Abbie Burrows U11 Boys Team Rep | Alex Watson U11 Girls Team Rep | Vicky Smith U10 Boys Team Rep

Vicky Donovan U10 Boys Team Admin | Nicki Barber U13 Girls & U9 Boys Team Rep | Kimberley Showell U14 Girls & U8 Boys Team Rep

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