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Welcome to Club97

Raising money for kit, equipment and facilities is a priority for our football club. Without these funds we cannot develop as a club and achieve our goals of being the biggest and most successful football club in the country.

With this in mind we have applied for, and received a lottery licence. This means we can promote a monthly draw to help raise funds for the club and give people a chance to win money. It’s a Win Win!

The idea is that people pay £2.00 per month and each month we will arrange a live Facebook draw where the winner will receive 50% of the  pot. So for example, if we can get 50 people paying £2.00 per month, there would be £100 in the pot. The winner gets £50.00 and the other £50.00 goes to the club. If we do this each month over a year we can raise £600.00! That is a lot of money for not much financial commitment.

The more people play the more money we raise and the more money people will win! There are over 240 Facebook Members, just image if everyone joined. The prize each month would be £240 for the winner with £240 going to the club!!

If you would like to take part, please set up a standing order to Southwater Royals FC each month for £2.00. You can join at any time and we will send monthly reminders to promote the idea. Your name will be your ticket entry each month.

For licensing reasons, the payments will need to be made online so the club can prove what payments are made to the scheme and what prizes are paid out. When setting up the payment please use reference Club 97.

Please support this initiative. It’s only £2.00 per month and it could make a big financial difference to the prize winner and the clubs funds.

All entrants must be 18 or over. Entry limited to club members and their family.

How to participate?

In order to participate all you need to do is set up a monthly standing order payment for £2.00 online. Make sure you put the reference as Club 97 and your name, as this will be your ticket entry each month.

Bank details:

SORT CODE : 20-42-58
ACCOUNT NO : 60141550


Thank you your help and support and…Good Luck!

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