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Southwater Royals FC 2019 AGM : Chairmans Report

AGM 2ND July 2019 - Chairman Report

During Southwater Royals FC 2018, the club experienced astounding changes with improvements made on and off the pitch.

We met the challenges and objectives to update all of our equipment, letterheads, internet platforms, social media web pages along with most training and playing kits with our new logo. In addition, the club has announced a new professional looking website, moving onto a new server and a more professional looking social media platform to keep our communications future proof and relevant. My sincere thanks go to Stu Bussley and Matt Tyerman for their expertise and input into making this project such a seamless migration.

The evolution of the Southwater Royals Girls section is without doubt the biggest change the club has ever experienced, which will open up funding streams and grants for the benefit of the whole club. Football is the biggest female team sport in England and also the biggest ‘growing’ female sport in England.

Southwater Royals FC believe there is a massive growth potential in girls football which has already seen the size of the girls section double in its first 12 months. To see the girls section evolve so quickly is a testament to all the coaches and committee who have helped make this happen. Thank you to Paul Showell, Marcus Doyle, Simon Hulcoop, Wayne Symmonds and Gary O’Brien for getting involved in the coaching to ensure the success of this venture.

We have had major successes again this season both in the leagues and cups and I would like to congratulate all players and managers from all of our teams for their continued fine efforts this season. Well done in particular to the U9’s for winning their cup final in such challenging circumstances and to my 13’s for winning the league for the second year running. This year the U13’s won every single game in the league, which is an outstanding achievement at any level of football. My congratulations also go again to Gary Brown and the Senior Team for their fine season and for winning their league in some style this season. 3 promotions in 3 seasons is a fantastic achievement, so very well done guys.

Congratulations again must go to everyone involved in making our club presentation day the biggest day in our history which was also such a huge success. As a football club we have made the decision to make the day about making memories and not making money, even though we did surpass all previous years in the cash turnover we created on the day. We shall continue to improve and make presentation day a fitting showcase and season finale to show off everything that is good about our football club.

However, as the club continues to evolve and grow, so do the challenges both on and off the pitch for our club. We cannot afford to stand still. We cannot rely on the same old faces to organise all off pitch activities for presentation day. The lack of numbers helping out on the day nearly contributed to huge mix ups and failures and we must prevent and prepare for this going forward.

This year, I announced a new Chairman’s Award that goes to any person or persons that have made a huge special contribution to the running of our football club. The inaugural deserved winners for this award were Gary and Jodie Brown who have made an enormous contribution to the success of our club. Thankyou Browns.!

A new structure of committee meetings has been established and the Senior Committee Meeting will now focus on funding, grants, sponsorship & financial assistance to help with the day to day running of the club.

We will continue to explore all avenues to secure decent training and playing facilities and must do so without putting the club into any financial risk. We have meetings planned with the Parish Council, with a long term objective for the club to use the pitches and facilities at Southwater Village Centre on a 4g surface. I will be working closely with the Treasurer this season to ensure we can provide these facilities whilst securing the longer term future of the football club.

Thank you to all the committee for their outstanding work this year and in particular to Jodie Brown who after nearly 7 years is stepping down in her role with the junior section of the football club. She will thankfully be an ongoing integral part of this football club as she continues her role as secretary to the Senior Team.

Finally, My sincere appreciation and gratitude for their invaluable contributions to this football club must go to Stu Bussley, Chris Baker, Matt Tyerman and Kim Showell and thank you to everyone for your continued support and commitment to our special club.

Andy New Club Chairman

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