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Southwater Royals FC 2019 AGM : Treasurer Report

Accounting Period 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019

The balance bought forward from the accounting period 2016-2017 was £12,346 in the bank and £168 in Petty Cash. (£12,514)

The club’s income during season 18/19 period was £35,547, this is a 50% (£12,108) increase on 2018, the second consecutive increase of 50%. The three main areas are more girls, boys and seniors joining, an increase in our fundraising totals and an increase in sponsor revenue.

Subscriptions accounted for £19,825, (up from £14,013) 55% of all income. This covers all age groups from U6 Boys/Girls through to Seniors. We have 209 players on WGS.

We generated £7,539 through fundraising activities. This was an increase of £1,965 on 2018. This includes Xmas Raffle (£848/ Race Night (£1,839) /Beat the Goalie (£57)/Presentation Day (£4,174), Royals Café (£153) and Club 97 (£468). There were some costs to be deducted from these totals and in particular the Trophies we gave out at Presentation Day. Overall it was a great effort by all generating a net income of £3,082 (£4,829 in 2018). Well done to all of us.

Sponsorships and Donations also accounted for £5,383 of all income and this is still an area we need to develop to help us finance the club in the future. There are grants we can apply for but we need to be clear what we want and why.

Our total expenditure for the 2017/18 season was £32,720. Our biggest single cost is Venue Hire. We spent £14,292 (2018 = £8,075) on playing and training pitches/facilities this season. This is an ongoing area of concern/importance for us as and I forecast that will increase more in 2019/20 season. We need a home and we have Billy Greening helping us in this area but this is not a quick fix. In the mean time we need to be mindful of our facility costs, share where possible and if facilities are not needed some weeks, please cancel in good time otherwise we get charged.

Parents spent £2,276 on kit and in total £5,340 was paid out on Kit, but that was due to kit payments being made having received sponsor money to cover the cost. Thanks to Nikki for all your efforts.

We also spent £3,036 on Equipment. This covers balls, bags, flags, first aid and training aids so each team has the necessary equipment to function each week.

Other Expenditure for the year was made up of WSFL Subs, Courses/DBS Checks, Fines, Insurance, Trophies, Stationary/Admin, Fundraising Costs and Petty Cash payments to reimburse Committee Members and Managers. This cost of Ref fees & Training Courses more than doubled in season 18/19 compared to the previous season, a symptom of more teams and more games.

The Senior team accounts were good this year. Gary & Jodie’s plans were not to have an impact on the club financially when it was started and that was achieved this year as they made £530 as a team. They bring extra revenue to the club with prize money and buying & selling raffle tickets. Well done Jodie and Gary for your efforts.

Current Balance bought forward for the end of the accounting period 2018/19 is £15,173

in the bank plus Petty Cash of £228.

We generated a profit of £2,887 this accounting period 2018/2019 and this stands us in good stead financially as we continue to develop and grow as a club. Well done again everyone for your efforts in making this happen!

Summary and Observations

Sponsorship – We must continue to look for more sponsors. As you can see the cost of kits/equipment is quite heavy. I would like to see all teams in the right kits with the right badge and appropriate training tops and match tops/jackets. To do this we need Sponsors help.

Fund Raising – It’s clear that the fund-raising activities are vital to Southwater Royals. Without this continued effort would have eaten into our current financial position and the club would not survive. Fundraising each year is a necessity and any further ideas/initiatives on top of what we currently have would be greatly received. Could we look for more volunteers to help in this area? Royals Golf Day, Royals Quiz Night, Café at Dutchells Copse are just 3 areas where we can generate needed funds.

Club 97 – We need more people to sign up. Can we make a huge effort to push this? If we could get 100 per month playing this, we can generate £1200 each year for the Club. Little effort for a big gain compared to organizing an activity.

Kit Sales – I would like to have a better handle on the money we make in this area and try to develop it further. I need a clearer picture of what’s going on in this area. Could we have a target of £10K this year? Plan on what to spend it on?

Subs for 2019/20 – Subs are staying the same for this year. We have 209 players on WGS, and when you look at our annual costs, (not including subsequent cost like fines, fund raising costs etc.) the cost per player is £115! This highlight how close to wind we would sail if we didn’t have fund raising activities, sponsors and reserves in the bank.

Note: Figures rounded up for ease of reporting.

Chris Baker Club Treasurer

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