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2020-22 Season | Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity

Its time for us to start planning for new teams and a new kit for the players. This year we are seeking sponsors for Boys Youth Squads with our fantastic new and fresh Southwater Royals FC kit.

All the teams are highly successful in the Horsham & District Youth Football League, playing across West Sussex and in Cup and Plate Competitions throughout Mid Sussex and East Sussex.

We spoke to Stu Bussley, Club Secretary who explained: about the new advertising opportunities with the flexible options for local business:

"Southwater Royals FC have joined up with a highly respected and innovative local kit and equipment supplier, AppliedFX (formerly Bedford Sports) based in Horsham. The new, fresh and durable design allows, various advertising opportunities for local business.

The sponsor can opt for one of many different packages, including Platinum (Full Club Sponsorship), Gold, full kit for a team or the Silver option which offers all weather training jackets, which is great for the little ones.

We are also very excited to be able to add some new advertising "space" on all our new style kits. The flexibility of the new printing process and advances in equipment now allow us to add individual sponsors to other sreas on each kit!

For example, the sleeve, with a single sleeve logo on shirt, a logo at the base of the rear of the shirt and a logo on the shorts. When choosing the new kit and supplier, we were very aware of the huge costs often associated with advertising and we are delighted to confirm that the new kit offers the opportunity for local business to sponsor the team for a very competitive £100 on a sleeve or the shirt back or the shorts for a 2 year period,effectively only £50 per year. We believe that offers the small business a very cost effective way to promote there business across West Sussex and to the local community.

With over 275 children, playing across 16 teams, over 500 parents from the local area, the advertising opportunity to a specific group of parents is excellent".

For further details about our fantastic packages, please visit

or contact:

Stu Bussley, Club Secretary via email at or Facebook at (message)

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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