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Southwater Royals FC 2020 AGM : Treasurer Report


Accounting Period 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020

Monday 27th July 2020


The balance bought forward from the accounting period 2018/19 was £15,173 in the bank and £168 in Petty Cash. (£15,341).


The club’s income during season the 19/20 period was £40,328.44, (£35,547 18/19) this is an increase of £4,708 on 2019. The two areas of increased revenues came from Subs and Grants (£8,245


Subscriptions accounted for £23,570, (up from £19,825 in 18/19). This covers all age groups from U6 Boys/Girls through to Seniors.


We generated £3,410 through fundraising activities. This was a decrease of £4,129 on 2019. The main problem was of course the cancellation of Presentation Day and Race Night due to Covid 19. However, with some good work from Stu Bussley we managed to secure Grants totalling £5,860 and that plugged a big gap left by the cancellation of our main fundraising activities. We did organise an Xmas Tournament that helped raise extra money and keep the kids interested over the Xmas Break, perhaps it can be organised again for this year? Club 97 raised £398 (net) and we also made some money (£83) from the new Scarves and Beanie Hats, of which we still have some stock to the value of £237. Overall, our net gains this year for Fundraising were £2,032 as there are costs associated with raising money. (Stock/Prize Money Club 97/Xmas Draw)


Sponsorship and Donations also accounted for £3,861 of all income and this is still an area we need to develop to help us finance the club in the future.


Our total expenditure for the 2019/20 season was £37,079.


Our biggest single cost is Venue Hire. We spent £14,764 (£14,292 18/19) on playing and training pitches/facilities this season. This expenditure would have been higher if the season has not been stopped in March. This is an ongoing area of concern/importance for us as and I forecast that this will increase more in 2020/21 season as our requirements have increased further and we hope to have a full season. In the mean time we need to be mindful of our facility costs, share where possible and if facilities are not needed some weeks, please cancel in good time otherwise we get charged.


Parents spent £2,304 (refund of £223) on kit and in total £6,369 was paid out on Kit Cost. A total of £3,916 was paid out on Playing Kit/Jackets that was mainly covered by Sponsor Money. We also still have stock of some kit, the value of which I don’t know.


We also spent £7,569 on Equipment this year with £4,429 being spent on Tractor/Accessories/VC Pitch Maintenance/Line Marker/Senior Goals). The balance was spent of necessities like balls, bags, flags, first aid and training aids so each team has the necessary equipment to function each week. The costs in this area will be smaller next season as there will not be a tractor and line marker to buy. Some of this cost was offset by £680 as that was invoiced to SPC for looking after the glass pitches.


Other main Expenditure for the year was made up of Affiliation Fees (£2,732), Courses/DBS Checks (1,764) Fines (£160) Trophies (£1,225) Stationary/Admin, Fundraising Costs and Petty Cash payments to reimburse Committee Members and Managers. This cost of Ref fees was much lower this year due to the fact that the season stopped in March and the weather up to this point meant loads of matches were cancelled. (£462 19/20 v £1,171 18/19)


The Senior team accounts were good this year. Costs were lower in some areas due to Covid 19. Gary & Jodie’s plans have always been not to impact the club financially when it was started and that was achieved again this year as they made a profit £807 as a team. However, the cost of the Senior Goals was £989 but this cost is shared with other age groups and won’t be repeated next season. Well done Jodie and Gary for your efforts.


When I took over as Treasurer the cash balance bought forward was £5,950. I leave the position with Southwater Royals in a much stronger position financially and a much larger club. We have £18,422 in the bank and £181 in Petty Cash (£18,603) – This situation is not all down to me at all, it’s about all those other Committee Members, Managers, Parents and Players. A huge well done again goes to everyone for your efforts in making this happen!


Summary and Observations


Sponsorship – We must continue to look for more sponsors. As you can see the cost of kits/equipment is quite heavy. Securing more sponsors is possibly going to be affected by the economy and the impact Covid-19 has had on companies willing to spend their money on Sponsorship.


Fund Raising – It’s clear that the fund-raising activities are vital to Southwater Royals more than ever. With the possible impact from lack of Sponsors/Donations, our fundraising each year is a necessity and any further ideas/initiatives on top of what we currently have would be greatly received. A Committee was set up to help organise these events but with Covid-19 affecting us all, we were unable to progress some of the plans. We need to ignite this again so we can raise funds and build the camaraderie within the club.   


Club 97 – We need more people to sign up. Can we make a huge effort to push this? If we could get 100 per month playing this, we can generate £1200 each year for the Club. Little effort for a big gain compared to organising an activity.


Kit Sales – It would be good to get a more accurate overview of Kit Sales and exactly what this does to boost the club’s funds.  If this is worthwhile then can we make more of selling kit to help boost revenue? I estimate we made approx. £250 this season.


Venue Costs – This is still our largest cost as a club and probably something that will need to be juggled about until any potential new home ground facility can be sorted. CH is unlikely to happen, HFC is fully booked with a waiting list (for games) and does not cost in to the Subs we collect.  We need to just try and continue to make the best of the facilities available and share where can. I would like to make a suggestion that some of the funds we have built up gets used to pay for additional facilities to keep us all playing football, as ultimately this is what its all about. This is something that the new Committee will have to decide on.


Note: Figures rounded up for ease of reporting.

Chris Baker Club Treasurer

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