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Southwater Royals FC 2020 AGM : Chairmans Report

Monday 27th July 2020

The 2019/20 Season will forever be remembered for the Covid19 Worldwide Pandemic which has affected and impacted every single person in the Country. As you are aware the football season was cruelly cut short in March 2020 and all football activity was suspended. Fast forward four months later and we are now thankfully seeing restrictions being lifted and full contact training and matches resuming from 1st August 2020.

Like a lot of football clubs, we have been massively affected by Covid 19 and sadly we were unable to hold our annual Family fund-raising Presentation Day. However we still wanted to make a fuss of all of our players and my thanks go to everyone who made a fantastic effort in holding the Zoom Team presentations. We had amazing feedback from parents and too from the players, who really enjoyed seeing their peers on a tv screen, which was really important for the well-being and mental health of our players. Football is about connecting people and whilst we are not out of the woods yet regarding the Pandemic, it will be great to see all of our players back together on the grass and I look forward for us all to resume activities in a safe Covid friendly manner.

During the Pandemic, every organization has had time to reflect and improve and hopefully to be kind to each other and we are no different. The year ahead promises to be a game changer in the future of Southwater Royals Football Club. I have been attending countless meetings as a Trustee of the Southwater Leisure Centre and spent many hours working towards making the site our permanent home. What is clear with the potential of having a new club house and ground is that we need every single person to be pulling in the same direction more than ever before.

The whole club is run by fantastic volunteers who have such a positive impact on the lives of so many young and senior players and we all need to strive to work together as one club to make this exciting venture work. The mental health of everyone associated to our club is vitally important and when we move into our new home we must provide a safe and friendly environment that all players can feel secure in with a positive collective aura around the club.

Our club will continue to evolve and grow this year and so will the challenges both on and off the pitch. It is vital that we increase and improve our social media platforms to reach out to all stakeholders. I want to explore joint working opportunities with local school and college sports media students to establish and improve the output and reach of the club. I also want to explore working with the Local Community to look at community and social cohesion and shared commonality and opportunities. Partnership working will help with the Football Clubs development plan. With all the plans to improve the club, it is a task that cannot be done by the same people. We will increase the Senior Management Committee with even greater two way communication and will continue with Sub committees to look into fund raising, funding/grants, sponsorship & financial assistance. Our club is too reliant on the same people to help run its operation. It is so vital that we seek greater help and support from parents in moving the club forward.

With the advent of the Wildcats Centre our girls section will continue to thrive and now is the time to start exploring the possibilities for starting a Senior Women’s Team. We need to ensure that all teams, boys/girls and seniors, feel supported and continue to do our utmost to source players/coaches and equipment for all age groups across the club.

Last year I announced the inaugural winners of the Chairman’s award to Gary and Jodie Brown for their outstanding service to the football club. This year’s award goes to someone who has helped oversee the football club go through major changes and help produce and coordinate many announcements. These communications/updates were around Covid and we have also had to produce Football Development Plans, Business Continuity Plans, Reports, Emails and Meetings to secure our future for the new 4G pitch applications to the FA and Local Authorities. We have seen a vast improvement in our Communications Strategy and Social Media platforms as a result of his work on top of our normal FA Affiliation and DBS requirements. He has also helped to secure thousands of pounds worth of grants and funding this year for our club. Undertaking a selfless amount of unpaid voluntary work during a time when his own business was in danger of collapse demonstrated dedicated loyalty and allegiance to the club. He has produced hours and hours of outstanding work for this football club this season and we should all be very grateful for this total commitment. I am therefore delighted to award this seasons Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Service to Stu Bussley.

Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the work and thank our departing treasurer Chris Baker. Chris has done a sterling job in the role as Treasurer and was instrumental in arranging and organizing the Christmas Tournament at Horsham FC which was a tremendous success. Chris has been a valuable member of the Senior Committee and his contributions to the football club will be greatly missed. Thank you Chris. Also I would like to acknowledge and thank Neil Thompson who is leaving the club after coaching for a number of years and has been a valuable asset whose contribution will also be sorely missed.

With so many people putting in so many hours towards the running of the club I would like to end with a further list of thanks. Thank you to all of the senior committee, especially Matt Tyerman, Kimberley Showell and Jodie Brown & a huge thankyou to Abbie Burrows for all of your hard work undertaken this year. Also a massive thanks to all of the coaches for the many hours you put into the running of the football club. And finally huge thanks must go to all the parents for their outstanding commitment in making this all possible.

With high hopes going into next season I would like to wish every team the very best of luck and for us all to remember to stay safe and to be kind.

                                 Andy New Club Chairman




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